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We are pleased to unveil to you the introduction of Gsm numbers to boost your products/services.


Our Gsm Database covers

*Local Government Areas(L.G.A)




The need to target your location where you carry out your day to day activities is of uttermost importance with our gsm solution you reach out to those around you and beyond for patronage


You can reach out to any other target audience you want based on gender, age, education, marital status, profession, area/LGAs, etc.


"For instance, If you run a restaurant around Ajah-Lekki in Lagos and want to run a campaign that targets civil servants or businessmen that work around the area, we can do it for you and you can monitor the campaign and responses you get or you own a music store/website and need gsm numbers of students who are residing in Ibadan, we can provide it for you to run your campaign."